Music, colors, emotions, and memories all inspire Bich Nguyen’s Art.  The movement of her art comes from the freedom using combinations of mix media and resin.  The colors are always vibrant with high intensity, some peeking beneath other colors hidden under many beautiful layers.  She usually works on many pieces at a time because most require many sessions and layers to get the effect she aims for.  What she loves most about art and painting is that for her, there are no rules, no right or wrongs, and it is a world she can express however she wants.  “Sometimes, I come to a painting with a general idea of which direction I want to go, other times I have no idea, however the paint always takes me on a journey that I can not plan, that is the beauty of it, normal life isn’t always like that.”  Bich’s art isn’t about the end product, but all she experiences as her pieces are coming alive, “it is an amazing ride and each one is my favorite until the next.”  She likes to dabble in different techniques, whichever her heart desires for that piece, however she is becoming experienced in pour and drip art.  Her art is now available in a few local galleries and her online presence is emerging as art is becoming a more important part of her life.  Art was more of a stress relieving hobby for her, however she found so much passion and happiness from it, and she is bound to not let it become forgotten as a side burner.  She is always happy to create a piece together for new commissioned clients.  “There is no feeling like knowing a piece of you “her art” will be beloved and cherished by someone else, just as the artist cherishes it.”    So if you want to have a special piece of your own, you can find out more of her art from social media sites and her website here for new inquiries.


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